Pin Grading Guide

As every pin is handmade, there are bound to be flaws on each pin. Please refer below for the grading standards I used:

☆ Standard Pins ☆

A - grade and highest quality pins. Slight imperfections usually only on close-up inspection or viewing the pin in a specific angle in light. (Good for collectors)
Some of the imperfections may still include:
✦ Tiny but not easily noticeable bubbles and scratches
✦ Some light imperfections in the metal plating
✦ Some plating imperfections on the sides of the pin
✦ Some minor dust on the enamel


☆ B-Grade Pins ☆

Pins with one or more noticeable imperfections. (Good for casual collectors or wearers)
These include the following:
✦ More noticeable scratches or scruffs on the surface
✦ Small black marks or dust on the enamel
✦ Noticeable tiny pores or bubbles in the enamel
✦ Posts are slightly loose or wiggly
* Offered at a slight discount *


☆ Seconds ☆

Pins with majorly noticeable flaws or imperfections (Good for Budget collectors)
These imperfections include:
✦ Deep scratches, scruffs or excess enamel on the surfaces
✦ Noticeable black marks or dusts
✦ Leaking or overflowing of enamel
✦ Posts are loose/wiggly
✦ Other unforeseen issues or imperfections
* I hope these pins can find a loving home despite their imperfections hence they are offered at a major discount of about 40% *