Freebie: Random Seconds Keychain


Spend S$15 or US$12 in your order to receive a random seconds keychain!

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Seconds Keychains are keychains with obvious production defects. This usually comes in the form of :

  • bubbles,
  • scratches,
  • chip-offs,
  • dust,
  • black marks on the surface of the keychain.

They can still function as a keychain, and they look like having hung on your bag on a daily basis after some time. I hope that these keychains can be given a second chance, and go on new adventures in their new homes.

Freebie seconds keychains will be given out at random and they may come from any keychain series. I will try not to give duplicates in each order. If you'd like a specific design in seconds grade, you can purchase them here ♥ (70% discounts off!)



Type: Freebies