Fruity Dinos: Tote Bags

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Fruitilicious Dinos once roamed the Earth, in our dreams. Colourful dinosaurs are here to brighten your day! 

Tote bags are available in three sizes: S, M, L

Bag comes with a zipper and inner pocket.

*All sizes can fit A4/Letter size documents.

S-size: 30cm x 35cm + 23cm strap (11.8" x 13.8" + 9.1" strap)

M-size: 35cm x 40cm + 25cm strap (13.8" x 15.8" + 9.8" strap)

L-size: 40cm x 45cm + 27cm strap (15.8" x 17.8" + 10.6" strap)

Material: Canvas