Bloop Bloop Sea Jellies: Acrylic Keychains


Bloop Bloop! Happy little Sea Jellies are here to make your day! Join them in their carefree swim :D

Four little Sea Jellies have wandered off to follow you on your adventures! Now available as keychains, these little Sea Jellies can be fastened onto your bags and pouches and be your companion wherever you go! The backing card is also digitally illustrated with watercolour brushes and printed on thick premium watercolour paper. 

Details of Acrylic keychains

  • Epoxy on front side, with glitter details.
  • Measures 4cm / 1.5inches

Limited Stock available. If the design you are looking at is out of stock, you can place an order by choosing the "Pre-order" option. Pre-orders will be shipped in two weeks and are slightly discounted.